Yeshivat Orot Shaul, Ra'anana

About the Yeshiva

About the Yeshiva

Yeshivat AMIT Orot Shaul seeks to inspire its students to become Torah scholars and communal leaders with a deep sense of accountability towards Am Yisrael. Justice, compassion, and social responsibility are core values of the educational philosophy of the Yeshiva. The Yeshiva is strategically located in the center of the country fulfilling its mission to engage modern orthodoxy with the society around us.

The Yeshiva is known for its unique style of learning. The approach is to take high-level intellectual learning and imbue it with meaning and emotion which in turn will connect to the personal daily lives of each student as well as society at large. The Yeshiva is also known for the warm, friendly environment where each individual student is made to feel comfortable and accepted, working with him realize his potential in terms of learning, leadership and commitment to Medinat Yisrael and Am Yisrael.

The Yeshiva is led by Rav Yuval Cherlow and Rav Dr. Tamir Granot. Rav Cherlow’s trademark is the synthesis of Torah study with ethics and social activism. Rav Cherlow was one of the founders of Tsohar and serves as a member of several government ethical committees, as well as the Presidential Press Council of Israel. Rav Granot's uniqueness lies in his ability to combine the traditional way of learning with modern academic techniques alongside the extensive study of Hassidut.

The Yeshiva is part of the AMIT network, which comprises over 110 schools throughout Israel, including elementary schools, high schools, children's homes, youth villages, and post high-school programs.